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Why Social Media Advertising?

Advertising your medical practice on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ensures that you reach potential patients where they’re spending most of their time. While Google will always be applicable, social media advertising for doctors is slightly different. Advertising on social media allows you to regularly engage with new patient populations that might not be actively searching for your services on search engines. Still, social media advertising can generate remarkable ROI for your medical practice.

Audit Your Presence

Reach patients where they are

You’re probably already aware of this, but your target patients spend a lot of time on social media sites. Our team of digital marketers specializes in creating, managing and optimizing social media advertising campaigns across a wide range of platforms that attract and convert new patients.

Custom conversion funnels

We’ll create custom landing pages for all of your social media advertising campaigns and even set up remarketing campaigns for users who didn’t convert on their first visit. Campaigns with custom conversion funnels like these are the gold-standard of social media advertising.

Measured Results

Trackable conversions

As is the case with all digital marketing initiatives, we’re able to track and report on all conversions from your social media advertising campaigns including phone calls and contact form submissions. Tracking conversions like this allows us to definitively show a positive ROI with everything that we do, giving you peace of mind that your money isn’t being wasted. 

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