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The Process

Everything we do at Phase 5 Analytics revolves around bringing new patients in the door by utilizing the power of the internet. In most cases, this means that patients will visit your website before they decide whether or not to give you a call. Thus any competent online marketing strategy for a medical practice should start with website development. This will act as a strong structural base from which we can build a well-oiled machine. Website development for medical professionals is essential for future success whether or not you choose to add more services later.


Website Design

A well-designed website is one that is user friendly, informative, and conversion optimized. Your website should be easily navigable and include a clear call to action. The homepage should be sleek and careful not to overwhelm a new visitor. Pages should have a consistent theme that is easy on the eyes. Ultimately the goal of each page will be to funnel a patient towards making an appointment with your practice.

Your Structural Advantage

While many agencies advertise website design for doctors, most are concerned only about the aesthetics. While aesthetics are important, building the best website for a medical practice means building a website where future plans for SEO and advertising campaigns are taken into account. Medical websites built by Phase 5 Analytics will have an immediate advantage over competitors because they are built for both humans and Google algorithms. Your website will serve as a sturdy framework that will make any other efforts that you choose to engage in much easier.

Nuts and Bolts
Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Website development, when done well, structures landing pages for future advertising campaigns. The best medical websites announce the procedures that their doctors are best at and have custom landing pages for each of their locations. This makes it easy to advertise their services online and helps attract the patients that the medical practice most want to target.

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